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Special Education Services


Mark Martin
Director of Special Education

Debbie Whelan
Special Education and Preschool Secretary

Meade County Board of Education
1155 Old Ekron Road
Brandenburg, KY  40108
Phone: 270.422.7500 x. 5004
Fax: 270.422.5494

 Child Find Public Service Announcement

 Every child has a right to an education. If a child has a disability or developmental delay, early intervention is especially important so that the child can receive the support services he/she needs to become an independent learner and self-sufficient individual.

School districts and the First Steps Kentucky Early Intervention System within the eight county Lincoln Train ADD District Area are working together to insure that children and youth with disabilities are identified and enrolled in an appropriate educational program. Breckinridge, Grayson, Hardin, LaRue, Marion, Meade, Nelson and Washington County Schools and this area’s Early Intervention System have designated April as project Special Child Month. Each school district offers special education programs to meet the individual needs of children beginning at age 3. These services are free of charge.   You may contact your local school district regarding free educational screening for your 3 or 4 year old child.

If any citizen knows of a child from birth to 21 years of age who has a disability and who is not receiving specially designed instruction, that individual is urged to call his/her local school district (children ages 3-21) or Point of Entry (ages birth to 3). Children of any age who are referred for services will be evaluated and provided with the help they need to prepare them for school.

Kentucky’s public schools and First Steps Early Intervention Programs are for all of Kentucky’s children. It is important that we all work together to see that each child receives the services he/she needs to be successful in life.


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Meade County Schools awarded Crusade Grant

The Board of Education was notified on July 1, 2014, that the Crusade has awarded $24,000.00 to the Meade County Board of Education. This grant will be used to purchase iPads, mountbatten learning systems, and smartview 360 to be used with special needs students. The Meade County Schools is grateful to the Crusade for their generosity over the years and to the many firefighters who work hard throughout the year on behalf of the special needs children in Meade County.

  If you would like to donate to WHAS11 Crusade For Children,
click the  "Make a Donation" link to be redirected to their website.


 Meade County
Special Education Teachers

Kim Allen   Brandenburg Primary       060  
Ronda Heibert   750 Broadway 422-7545 P
Alison Howard   Brandenburg KY 40108 422-5235 F
Megan Martin      
Samantha Slinger      
Bitsy Story      
Donna Wood      
    David T Wilson Elem         011  
Cara Esarey   1075 Old Ekron Road 422-7540 P
Tara Garris   Brandenburg KY 40108 422-3941 F
Kristin Stone      
Robin Parks      
Stephanie Stith      
Vickie Voyles      
    Ekron Elementary           040  
Lindsey Embry   2500 Haysville Road 422-7570 P
Teresa Mattingly   Ekron KY 40117 828-5447 F
Amelia Ford      
Jennifer Bennett   Flaherty Elementary       050  
Chad Woosley   2615 Flaherty Road 422-7565 P
Erin Whitt   Ekron KY 40117 828-5447 F
Brian Mingus      
Stephanie Snider      
Jessica Greenwell   Flaherty Primary           030  
Aron Cottrell   2635 Flaherty Road 422-7575 P
Janie Dodson   Ekron KY 40117 828-5848 F
Amy Hamilton      
Julie Watts      
    Payneville Elementary     090 422-7550 P
Shannon Knott   520 Rhodelia Road 496-4774 F
    Payneville KY 40157  
    MCHS Freshman Aca  070  
Stacy Ellis   918 Old State Road 422-7520 P
Marlinda Stull   Brandenburg KY 40108 422-5272 F
Kevin Robinson      
    MCHS                         070  
Morgan Benham   938 Old State Road 422-7515 P
Bob Davis   Brandenburg KY 40108 422-3928 F
Jessica Hardesty      
Kristin Hibbard      
Melissa Hill      
Chad Pickering      
Lauren Ray      
Jeff Shaw      
Regina Roberts      
Michelle Thomas      
Josh Trotter      
Andrea Fackler      
Todd Clanton      
    SPMS                 015  
Tammy Alcorn   1085 Old Ekron Road 422-7530 P
Beth Reardon   Brandenburg KY 40108 422-5515 F
Karen Clements      
Whitney Kupper      
Monica Lytle      
Nick Roberts      
Todd Saylor      
Kelli Wood      
Lora Bell   Communicare  
Stephanie Snider   Flaherty Elementary/District  
Music Therapy      
Jennifer Krider              District  
Paula Roberts   District  
Mike Williams   District  
Lorie Craycroft                    Preschool & SPMS  
Casey Dawson                                          MCHS FA & Ekron  
Sheila Hardcastle                      BPS  
Kara Stanley                            DTW & Payneville  
Lorraine McMullen-Leet      FPS & FES  
Courtney West                               BPS 1/2 pk-grade 3
Kelly Butler   Bps 1/2 pk/FMD FPS 1/2 pk
Bernadette Coty                  FPS 1/2 pk-gr 3& FES
Beth Greer   DTW/all-FMD/Homeschool  
Cheryl Vanover   Ekron/Payneville  
Mimi Wilson                                SPMS/MCHS-Other/BPS-SC/Headstart  
Julie Nevitt-SLPA   Ekron/Paynville  
Bettye Wright, PT   District  
Terri Bailey, OT   BPS/FES/PV/SPMS/MCHS  
Jeanette Curl, COTA   BPS/FES/PV/SPMS/MCHS  
Becca Hamilton, OT   FPS (Mon & Wed)  
Barb Creen, OT   DTW & Ekron (Mon & Tue)  
Teresa Smith   District