Meade County Board of Education

1155 Old Ekron Road

Brandenburg, KY  40108

Phone: 270.422.7500   Fax: 270.422.5494

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Office Hours

Regular Hours:  Monday-Friday 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Summer Hours:  Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.



Dr. John Millay 270-422-7500
Superintendent Email Dr. John Millay
Bill Adams 270-422-7500  Extn: 5002
Director of District Services & Personnel Email Bill Adams
Amy Berry 270-422-7500  Extn: 5009
Coordinator for Student Services Email Amy Berry
Terry Lancaster 270-422-7510  Extn: 5013
Food Services Director Email Terry Lancaster
Mark Martin 270.422.7500  Extn: 5004
Director of Special Education Email Mark Martin
Jerry Pile 270.422.7500  Extn: 5014
District Technology Coordinator Email Jerry Pile
Amanda Richardson 270-422-7508  Extn: 5025
GT & Preschool Coordinator Email Amanda Richardson
Jason Sutton 270-422-7500  Extn: 5023
Director of Pupil Personnel Email Jason Sutton
Kellianne Wilson 270.422.7500  Extn: 5024
Secondary Instructional Supervisor Email Kellianne Wilson
Becky Barr 270.422.7500  Extn: 5010
Attendance Clerk Email Becky Barr
Malinda Benham 270.422.7510
Food Services Assistant Email Malinda Benham
Cheryl Durbin 270.422.7500  Extn: 5001
Computer Technician Email Cheryl Durbin
Susan Fackler 270-422-7500  Extn: 5016
Finance Officer Email Susan Fackler
Stephanie Horsley 270-422-7500  Extn: 5017
Payroll Clerk Email Stephanie Horsley
Karen Lindsey 270-422-7500  Extn: 5003
Benefits Clerk Email Karen Lindsey
Christy Livers 270-422-7500
Board Receptionist Email Christy Livers
Autumn Mattingly 270.422.7500  Extn: 5006
Application Specialist Email Autumn Mattingly
Rachel McCoy 270-422-7500
Student Support & Attendance Email Rachel McCoy
Jennifer Miller 270-422-7500  Extn: 5031
Food Services Assistant Email Jennifer  Miller
Bobbie Simpson 270-422-7500  Extn: 5012
Bookkeeper Email Bobbie Simpson
Melissa Tabor 270-422-7500  Extn: 5027
Curriculum Resource Teacher Email Melissa Tabor
Crystal Tate 270-422-7500  Extn: 5011
Personnel Department Email Crystal Tate
Craig Tighe 270.422.7500  Extn: 5001
Computer Technician Email Craig Tighe
Angela Whelan 270-422-7508
Gifted & Talented Assistant Email Angela  Whelan
Debbie Whelan 270-422-7500  Extn: 5030
Special Education & Preschool Secretary Email Debbie Whelan